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Community To The Core

It’s our core belief that anyone learning to perform in a competitive environment has dramatically better potential for achievement in an active learning group than alone. Trading is a competitive field that persistently evolves, requiring traders to constantly evolve with it…

The Convergent Trading Community is a platform where career professional traders converge to work toward that potential as a group in a collaborative way.

Our Mission

To provide traders with a professional standard of knowledge, skills and accountability necessary to become a career trader through the shortest possible path.

To provide the knowledge and online setting that bring together all of the pieces for those who seek trading progress while making it accessible for all.

We do this through a focused online prop-style environment where like-minded traders support each other by using guided exercises through deliberate practice with access to experienced and skilled traders while continuously evolving the framework for trading in an ever-changing market.

Our Traders

Convergent provides resources to address traders’ most common issues by:

  • Providing a controlled environment through our member chat to connect traders with their peers with a focus on the markets
  • Providing growth and engagement through continuous content whether it is through our Ask Me Anything, Market Walk-throughs, Mid-Session Recaps, Trader Interventions and other sessions
  • Emphasizing the process of performance evaluation, self-assessment, goal-setting and deliberate focus during trading hours to attain those goals
  • Tackling the overwhelming information absorbed by traders by simplifying the structure of learning based on a clear approach of stacking information in a way that makes execution more firm, consistent and accountable
  • Helping traders think in probabilities through the process of extracting an edge and creating their plan for their unique psychological and risk constitution

Join our community of career traders

Who We Are

Our founding team consists of experienced professional traders. Our focus is on developing traders as part of our structured process into a position where many can become leaders within our group and will bring their own unique approach to interacting with each other and the market for the benefit of all members.

We seek to prove the effectiveness of our approach by having members just like you grow into career professional traders and then have a chance at leading within Convergent Trading. This is how it works in a proprietary trading firm or institution. Our approach is no different and our time horizon for the relationship we will enjoy with you is long term.

Morad Askar, known online as FuturesTrader71, has been trading since 2000. He started professionally as a high-volume equities trader before transferring to futures in 2002 at the Chicago Board of Trade. Having honed his skills in proprietary trading environments from the beginning, he opened his own prop shop to back and develop other traders in 2003.

Morad is a recognized pioneer in successful trader development and the use of Volume Profile. His primary approach is to break down market behavior into tradable statistical patterns as a way to read the market auction.

Morad is the Head of Trader Training & Development at Convergent Trading.

James Kessick began trading futures in 2005. He cut his teeth in the proprietary world, in high-volume trading of Eurex markets and became a certified Eurex Trader. His experience in training and mentoring traders and desire to help others propelled him towards the world of online trading, which has been his focus since 2012.

James is a strong proponent of the market auction process and finding edges at decision points where there is the greatest potential for price change.

James is the Head of Trading Solutions at Convergent Trading.

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