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Gain Order Flow insights with CT Bookmap

Understanding order flow can really help to support your trading edge, both in selecting which opportunities to take and in giving you a greater level of confidence in your observations when you are holding a position. 

Reading order flow used to be the reserve of prop traders who would stare at their DOMs for hours on end and have an incredible memory for the order book and where specific trades took place.

But with CT Bookmap, this is no longer the case… 

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So how does CT Bookmap help?

The innovator of the historical order book heatmap

Unlike a standard DOM, CT Bookmap’s historical order book heatmap visually displays how the order book has changed over time. It can help to identify whether orders are real or not and can show you whether the market is in agreement with your homework levels. Never miss key order flow again.

Visualize executions with Volume Dots

How a market trades relative to what is in the order book is often what tells the story. Volume Dots are filterable by size/trade size and can be clustered using a number of methods. With Volume Dots, Bookmap completes the order flow picture.

Execute trades directly from CT Bookmap

When you’re intently focused on order flow, looking back and forth between different platforms can be problematic. Not an issue. With CT Bookmap you can trade via a traditional DOM and/or from the heatmap itself. 

Market replay session

If you’ve set CT Bookmap to record live data and orders, you then have the ability to open a replay of the recorded session. CT Bookmap’s high performance market replay mode facilitates traders in their market review process by accurately replaying exactly what happened in that session

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Additional Features

Data Connectivity

Connect data from your favorite trading platform or market data vendors, such as TT API, Gain, CQG, NinjaTrader, TWS, IQFeed, Rithmic, Transact API, Nanotick, Cedro and dxFeed.


Custom Notes/Cloud Notes

Add your own price notes directly to CT Bookmap or link to a url e.g. Convergent Trading’s StalkZonesTM


Iceberg Detector

CT Bookmap has the ability to display trades that appear to involve iceberg orders. CT Bookmap’s iceberg order detection is tunable so that you only see what you want to see. 


Order Types

CT Bookmap supports multiple order types including limit, stop, OCO and bracket orders.

VWAP & Cumulative Volume Delta

Add additional detail to what the heatmap shows you, with VWAP and Cumulative Volume Delta.

Do you want to learn more about order flow and other terms? Visit the Convergent Trading Glossary page:

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