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What We Stand For

What does the name mean?

Convergent (\ kən-ˈvər-jənt \; adjective): tending to move toward one point or to approach each other. Our name best represents that we believe we all do better when we come together as traders and as a community.

Why are we different?

Convergent was built after extensive experience and study into the process of helping traders make the turn toward becoming career trading professionals. Based on our experience as backers of traders in a proprietary trading setting and from our interaction with online traders who are often misinformed and misled by a cross-wind of conflicting information. Convergent condenses the process for those who are serious about trading as a career by addressing all of the key caveats that get in the way of finally seeing results.

Getting The Most From Us

What products or assets do you focus on?

Convergent mainly focuses our effort at launch on providing what traders need to be career professionals in futures and options on futures. We also include cryptocurrency as this market becomes more and more prevalent. The key products that are in focus are the eMini-S&P500 (ES), NYMEX WTI Crude Oil (CL) and US 10 year Treasury Futures (ZN). However, we also have extensive experience trading eMini-NASDAQ (NQ), German DAX (FDAX), EuroStoxx 50 (FESX), German Bund Futures (FGBL) and Euro-USD Currency Futures (6E and M6E).

How can I get the maximum benefit from your service?

• What must I be prepared for in order to get the maximum benefit from your service?
o Slow down your trading while you learn. It is key to give yourself time to learn
o When trading live, do the best you can to use full exchange margin per contract
o Make mistakes but don’t let a single mistake take away a large portion of your account. You won’t learn if you can’t trade
o Commit to approaching trading from now on as a business. Nothing is done on impulse…nothing!
o If you don’t have a clearly set out trading approach, trade management plan and risk plan, then simulate temporarily
o Share your homework in the appropriate chat channel. This gives others a chance to learn from and critique your assumptions
o Get the work and exercises done that we propose to you. There is no magic bullet or shortcut. Your trading approach has to be highly personalized and must be yours alone
o Attend all of our sessions and webinars. Even though it is something you may have studied already, invest in attending because it may click a little more clearly this time
o Turn off all other gurus, educators, chat rooms and groups. It is time for you to think in a focused and deliberate way. You are here now, so give this a chance by being deliberately focused on this opportunity
o Don’t lurk. Lurking (the act of just reading and absorbing without interacting) is fine for a day or two, but you will only get out of the community what you put into it. Ask questions, challenge assumptions and share your findings. You benefit most by being active
o The key items you will want to bring with you:
 Good capitalization: Your trading errors will be your tuition. It is ok to lose and we welcome the help that losses provide in terms of timing or strategy
 A Growth Mindset: Leave your limiting beliefs at the door. There is not going to be room for the idea that there is such a thing as innate talent or curse. You can learn anything at any age. It is a function of approach and that’s what we are here for
 Strong Discipline: Follow your plan. This will be hard if you trade emotionally or give too much credence to your “gut” or “feeling” while you trade. Follow the plan you set out and then grade yourself using the TradeScore™ system. Adjust and repeat
 A Good Amount of Grit: You will fall. You will be disappointed. You will be frustrated. Things will seem hopeless. It may be so. But until you decide you are done, you have to have grit. You have to push through and keep improving. In our experience, when the turn comes, the mindset shift and process is quick. You won’t remember what it took
 A Clear Understanding of What we Provide and What we Don’t: We are not magicians. We are proprietary trading trainers. We know what it takes and know the process. What we can’t deliver are results that are guaranteed. We do our best to provide you with the most up to date and professional tools we use

Signing Up

How do I sign up?

Please go to our subscription page to complete the sign-up process here.

What form of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payments through PayPal. These can come from your existing PayPal account or through any major credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Why do I have to sign the provided documents?

It is imperative for Convergent to protect its intellectual property and right to confidentiality as well as many other aspects of its business. The creators of this material are revealing proprietary knowledge and techniques that have been used in their own trading and for the benefit of their traders.

Can I put my membership on hold?

You can decide not to renew your membership for the period of time where you will not be available to participate. The current subscription will lapse when it expires.

Can I get a refund for the portion of the subscription after cancelling?

Unfortunately, subscriptions are not refundable in part or in total. Simply let your subscription expire and do not renew if you wish to cancel.

Do you offer free trials?

We do not offer a free trial. You are welcome to take a subscription for the shortest period possible and decide. We believe what we offer is of real value and do not believe a free trial is warranted.

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