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At Convergent Trading, we’ve been building a community. A network of like-minded traders from all backgrounds and levels. A place where members can learn, grow, connect and exchange ideas in a focused environment. This is one service within Convergent’s ecosystem which will support traders toward achieving and being Career Professional Traders. 

But that’s by no means where it stops. We’re proud to offer all Community Members a whole host of outstanding features and we’re working hard to add to the current line-up. Features that we feel are incredibly helpful to traders and that you can start using today.

At Convergent Trading, We Grow As One.

What Our Community Members Get

CT News

CT News is built upon one of the best news services around, that is used by some top-tier propriety trading firms. By providing fast, accurate and actionable news, CT News in our opinion, makes itself an indispensable tool for any professional trader.

CT News is now included as part of all Convergent Trading Community Memberships.

Professional Trading Chat

Not just another chat room, the Convergent Community Chat is built around the prop trading model. Our experience is that we perform better as traders when we are connected. 

Whether you’re collaborating with other like-minded traders or simply wish to follow the thinking of a select group of key Head Traders such as FT71, members have access to discussions covering topics including specific markets, performance issues, market studies, technology, systems coding and popular trading platforms.

Success starts with a commitment to community. 

Member Webinars

If traders are not continuously learning, then there is a danger that their knowledge becomes outdated. As part of a focus on continuous professional development, members can participate in regularly scheduled Study Hall, Trade Analysis, Trader Intervention, TradeTalks and other sessions.

These webinars are interactive and focus on deliberate growth. They are also available to watch back as part of our Recent Webinars archive. 

Market Stats Reports

Market statistics aren’t a trading strategy. But where applied to a sound understanding of the market auction and a well-vetted trading edge, they have the potential to give traders the confidence they need to execute and stick with a trade. But generating these stats and updating them regularly is a time-consuming process.

Community Members now have access to a wealth of regularly updated statistical reports for markets such as ES, NQ, ZN, CL, 6E and more.

StalkZone™ Levels

Community Members get access to automatically updated, cloud-based market levels for a number of key markets. These areas are shared with members to help supplement their views on the key anticipated reaction areas and compare their own notes. 

StalkZone™ Levels help us maintain focus and execute only in areas we expect to do business in while trading.


The Convergent Manifesto

At Convergent Trading, our goal is to change the way traders collaborate and to offer tools which would normally not be available to most. We are pioneering a new path in trading proficiency. We aim to lead the industry through community and technology. We believe a strong team is key to any and all success.

We are a network of traders. And we are committed to growth.

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