Trade Right with Convergent

The Trade Right Initiative is a refinement of everything we set out to achieve from the outset with the Convergent Trading Community: a treasure trove of resources, a supportive network of real trading professionals, a community of people in the same boat as you. The essence of a prop firm, but accessible to any serious trader.

Beyond finding an edge, we understand the layers and nuances of what it takes for individual traders to find success. We’re not here to give you a strategy; you probably already have one. We’re here to help you trade it, and to Trade Right!

At Convergent Trading, We Grow As One.

“I always say you could publish rules in a newspaper and no one would follow them. The key is consistency and discipline.”

Richard Dennis, Turtle Traders

The Trade Right Program

The Trade Right Program is designed to bring all the elements of the Convergent Trading Community together to give you key foundational trading knowledge, help you to plan your trading business, become accountable for your trading and to get the most out of what we offer in the community.

The Trade Right Program is included with all Quarterly and Yearly Convergent Trading Community Memberships.

The Trade Right Program will help you to: –


  • Get up-to-speed with key foundational trading knowledge
  • Get set up with CT charts and StalkZone™ Levels
  • Assess where you currently are as a trader
  • Plan your trading business
  • Find an Accountability Partner or Group
  • Make the most out of our new Accountability Journal tool

The 30-Day Challenge

There’s no time like the present to take stock of where you are on your trading journey, and where you’re trying to get to. Every month we’ll be hosting the Trade Right Challenge!

We’re inviting our members to participate in the 30-Day Challenge and make an all-important commitment to both the community, and yourselves, to Trade Right for 30 days.

The 30-Day Challenge is included with all Quarterly and Yearly Convergent Trading Community Memberships.

The 30-Day Challenge will help you to: –


  • Internalize the habits from the Trade Right Program
  • Commit to following your trading plan each day
  • Hold yourself accountable with our new Accountability Journal tool
  • Stay on track by attending the Trade Right webinars
  • Regularly meet with an Accountability Partner or Group so there can be no excuses!
  • Complete trading drills
  • Track, review and set goals
  • Learn from our Head Traders and special guests, who’ll be sharing a wealth of advice and firsthand trading experience

Watch the Trade Right Webinar

For more information on the Trade Right Initiative, please watch the webinar below

During this session, we go over the steps that traders must plan for to #TradeRight. The discussion covers the soup-to-nuts program for formulating a sustainable plan for growth as a trader.

Click on the play icon above to start watching the video

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