Trading Abbreviations

Below, you’ll find a list of Convergent Trading Abbreviations. This includes all the abbreviations that we might use for charting and trading. For a more detailed explanation of some of these terms, please visit the Convergent Trading Glossary.

Daily Levels

FS Full Session
HOD High of Day
IBH Initial Balance High
IBL Initial Balance Low
LAST Last Traded Price
LOD Low of Day
MID Session Midpoint Price
Open Open of Daily Range
OSH Opening Swing High
OSL Opening Swing Low
VAH Value Area High
VAL Value Area Low
VolaSig Close to Close Range Volatility Band
VPOC Volume Point of Control
VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price

Longer Term Levels

ATH All Time High
Century Century Figure
DDLVN Double Distribution Low Volume Node
GZ Gap Zone
MCHVN Micro Composite High Volume Node
MCLVN Micro Composite Low Volume Node
MCVPOC Micro Composite Volume Point of Control
NVPOC Naked or Virgin VPOC
pWkClose Prior Weekly Close
pWkHi Prior Weekly Hi
pWkLo Prior Weekly Low
SoC Scene of the Crime
SZ StalkZone™

Looking for more detailed term definitions? Then visit the Convergent Trading Glossary

Overnight Levels

ONH Overnight High
ONL Overnight Low
ONMID Overnight Session Midpoint Price
ONVAH Overnight Value Area High
ONVAL Overnight Value Area Low
ONVPOC Overnight Volume Point of Control

Previous Day’s Levels


Prior Day Close


Prior High of Day


Prior Initial Balance High


Prior Initial Balance Low


Prior Low of Day

Price / Pattern

1TFD One Time Framing Down
1TFU One Time Framing Up
DBL BTM Double Bottom
DBL TOP Double Top
DSTL Downward Sloping Trend Line
LIS Line in the Sand
MM Measured Move
FIB Fibonacci Retracement Level
SH Swing High
SL Swing Low
USTL Upward Sloping Trend Line


ACH Anything Can Happen
TPO Time Price Opportunity
OTF Other Time Frame

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