FT71 Trader Bite

Important: the FT71 Trader Bite has moved to https://edgeclear.com/traderbite
Please note that Convergent Trading is not affiliated with Edge Clear LLC.

Convergent Trading is a professional trading community offering its members a place to connect, learn and grow. 

At Convergent Trading, We Grow As One.

Some of the great benefits our members enjoy include are: –

  • Professional Trading Chat Room with dedicated channels and strict guidelines on the quality of content, including the Head Trader channel where you can follow FT71
  • Private Member webinar sessions (live & recorded) that include Anatomy of a Live Trade, Order Flow & Execution, Member Ask Me Anything, Partner Spotlights, Private Member Trader Interventions, Product Trading Walk-Throughs. These are also available via the webinar archive
  • A full CT News Professional news audio service subscription
  • Access to all Convergent Chart Definitions for Investor/RT
  • Proprietary market StalkZone™ Levels, including indicators to display these key price areas which are updated daily, directly on your IRT, Sierra or Ninja charts
  • Professional grade Market Stats Reports to provide members with important facts about futures trading products and historical statistics that are regularly updated
  • Continuous reinforcement and discussion of live market events
  • More and more as we grow as a community


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