Convergent Trading w/FIO – How Do I Know I’m On The Right Track As A Trader?

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“As a trader, your universe revolves around probabilities and uncertainty

– FuturesTrader71

Topics Discussed

FuturesTrader71 reviews several key topics relevant to traders who desire a career in trading.

  • The Typical Cycle of a Career Professional Trader
  • Professional Track vs Independent Individual Track
  • Dissonance In Our Way of Learning
  • Attitude and Mindset
  • Time Is The Only Thing You Own
  • What Does Progress Look Like?
  • Fight or Quit
  • Do People Actually Make Money At This?
  • Question & Answer

Key Takeaways

  • You must come up with your own trading plan.
  • You must learn how to do things as independently as possible.
  • Whether you are on the right track or not, is most heavily influenced by your attitude and mindset – a “growth mindset” is required.
  • You must keep deep metrics on your trading performance and a detailed trading diary.
  • Time is the only thing that you own.
  • You must win each day by measuring your faithfulness to your process and execution.
  • You must have grit.
  • Trading will not work without a profound change in who you are, how humble you are and how forgiving you are of yourself.
  • It is possible to be a successful trader.

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