BONUS: CT Member Webinar – Money Management in Practice

As part of the Convergent Trading Trade Right Initiative, we’ve decided to get the ball rolling by making an important member webinar available to everyone, including to those who are not currently CT members. The webinar topic is Money Management in Practice and in it, @FuturesTrader71 covers many important topics including: –

Money management goals; money management variables; relation to risk management; sizing vs price vs trade management; trading drill; R-factor, overcoming randomness sample size; win rate and number of contracts; static vs dynamic management.

Watch it below for free!

What is the Trade Right Initiative?

Our objective at Convergent Trading is for you to elevate your processes and reach your goals as a trader. So we’re excited to introduce you to our Trade Right Initiative for Convergent Trading members, which will kick off from Monday January 18, 2021! The Trade Right Initiative is a program designed to bring all the elements of the Convergent Trading Community together to give our members foundational trading knowledge, help them to plan their trading business, become accountable for their trading and get the most out of what we offer in the community.

For more information on the Trade Right Initiative, we’ll be holding a public webinar Thursday January 14, 2021.

To register for the webinar, please click on the button below. Limited slots available.

Special Offer!

From Jan 4 as part of our Trade Right Initiative we’ll also be offering a special $50 discount on our quarterly plan! The offer is available to new and returning members, and applies to the first quarter only.

Click on the Join Now button below and use the discount code TradeRight50 at checkout.

At Convergent Trading, we grow as one.


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