BONUS: CT Member Webinar – Trader Psychology Q&A w/Dr. Andrew Menaker

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Trader Psychology Q&A

On Jul 09, 2020, we hosted a special Convergent Trading Member-Only webinar with trading psychologist, Dr. Andrew Menaker. As a special bonus, we’ve made this webinar and podcast available to everyone! Dr. Menaker went through a number of key trader psychology Q&A questions asked by our members, based on his real-life experience working with traders.

“The two biggest traits that are associated with successful trading are resilience and open-mindedness.”

– Dr. Andrew Menaker

Show Notes

Dr. Menaker addressed multiple questions including: –

  • How do I get away from the feeling that I have to be right in each trade?
  • Could you share a more extreme case of poor performance turned success by one of your clients? What happened?
  • How might you address a trader facing continued problems related to trading discipline (or discipline in life)?
  • What is a  key takeaway from your experience working with traders? What sticks out?
  • What are some of the keys in establishing and maintaining the proper mindset for trading?
  • How do you separate emotional reactivity from intuitively reacting to changing market conditions?

The Process vs Outcomes PDF mentioned in this video can be downloaded from the link below.

Process vs Outcomes PDF

About Dr. Andrew Menaker

Dr. Andrew Menaker is a licensed clinical psychologist with a PhD in psychology. Since 1995 he’s been a performance coach for top money managers and professional traders. In addition to his unique and practical approach to performance improvement and translating the latest neuroscience into practical application, what makes him special is that Andrew is recognized as an experienced and successful trader himself and is a recognized expert in emotion management and intuitive development.

Dr. Menaker is a global thought leader in his approach to market and trading psychology and is frequently asked to speak at conferences around the world. He’s been interviewed by major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal.

His coaching clients are among the top traders and PMs in the world. His work extends beyond trading, he’s also an experienced executive coach assisting CEOs and entrepreneurs with emotion mgt and his specialty, intuitive and creative development.

For more information about Dr. Menaker, please visit

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