Just Stay in the Plane

Can you stay in the plane?

“Trading correctly is so unnatural for us human beings, that I liken it to being in an airplane at 10,000 feet and you are unexpectedly pushed out and told to fly. You can’t fly! Humans aren’t made to fly. This new environment is completely unnatural and so yes, you would hit the ground. But wait a minute, you were just in the plane and flying safely, right?

A trader who is making the turn, is a person who understands the value of staying in the best environment for them.

 It isn’t natural to cut your losses, and let your winners run to target. Nor is it natural to be accountable to others, to have hard daily loss limits, and to repeat the same process over and over again. Eventually a trader realizes that to win at this game, he must stay in the plane at all costs! Whatever it takes! For a lot of traders, that is a hard lesson. They really have to learn how to win, and that measurement isn’t the P&L in their account, but rather, can they stay in the plane?”

– Jeff Wagner (@NanaimoTrader, a Head Trader at Convergent Trading)

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