Convergent Trading w/FIO – CME Micro-Indices: New Trading Opportunities w/FuturesTrader71

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“To learn to be a Formula 1 race car driver, chances are slim that we can jump into a car and make it around the track with the others. The Micros are just our Go-Kart that we can practice live on before we race.

– FuturesTrader71

Topics Discussed

Presented by: Morad Askar, topics include:

  • Intro to CME Micro-eMinis and what they are
  • Comparison of Micros and eMinis – costs and specifications
  • Expectations for when they are launched in May
  • Setting up to execute them properly using the eMinis for homework
  • A plan template to trade Micros
  • Anchoring our trading on statistical probabilities and knowing our product

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