Convergent Trading w/FIO – An Afternoon With Morad Askar (aka FuturesTrader71)

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“We heard about it on a Thursday afternoon, that they were looking for traders in Chicago, at the Chicago Board of Trade. A new firm that was funded and had seats and was looking for prop traders and then I think on Friday morning, the very next day at 7:00 a.m. we jumped into a car and drove up to Chicago from Boca which is about a 22-hour Drive. We drove up to Chicago and on Monday morning we were basically banging on doors and looking for a position within the firm we know about and others.

– FuturesTrader71

Topics Discussed

Presented by: Morad Askar, topics include:

  • Trading while at University
  • Leaving the corporate world to join an equities arcade
  • SOES opportunities vanish after 9/11 and with changing policies
  • The move to Chicago and the Chicago Board of Trade
  • Trading as a futures prop newbie
  • Making the turn to profitability
  • Leaving a prop shop to start one
  • Switching from scalping to context trading
  • My winding path to the current moment

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