Futures Radio Show – Trading Volatile Markets w/FT71

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“With higher volatility, you have a lot more risk. But you also have a lot more opportunity to do something with it as long as you take the time to align yourself with the market”

– Morad Askar

Trader Profile – Morad Askar, aka FT71

Head Trader & Managing Director of Convergent Trading

Morad Askar, known online as FuturesTrader71, has been trading since 2000. He started professionally as a high-volume equities trader before transferring to futures in 2002 at the Chicago Board of Trade. Having honed his skills in proprietary trading environments from the beginning, he opened his own prop shop to back and develop other traders in 2003.

Morad is a recognized pioneer in successful trader development and the use of Volume Profile. His primary approach is to break down market behavior into tradable statistical patterns as a way to read the market auction.


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  3. Determining Risk Per Trade
  4. Creating a Record, You Can Build On
  5. Mindset Heading into a New Trading Year

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