“Going to the Moon” @JasonG

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We hope you enjoy hearing what @JasonG has to say!

What brought you into trading?

About 6 years ago I was working in the mortgage industry and a bunch of my co-workers were into trading stocks. They asked when I was going to buy one particular stock that was “going to the moon”. I told them they were idiots and had no idea what they were doing. But after about 2 weeks of hearing about it, I opened a brokerage account, and bought the stock. Long story short, it did go to the moon for about an hour one morning a month later (LOL). None of us sold before it came back down to reality and it was a huge learning experience. This got me researching trading and I realized that people try and do this for a living. I just dove in head first after that. After a few years and gaining some traction in stocks, I started trading futures in July of 2022. 

What do you like most about Convergent?

The structure that the community helps you implement in your trading with the Trade Right Program, and all the webinars that Morad and the Mavens put together. I’ve never been in a community or seen a site that literally walks you from A-Z on the proper ways to prep, plan, view, and trade the markets. I’ve been in a ton of trading rooms and it’s usually a guru explaining how he/she trades and everyone trying to copy them. At Convergent, they teach you how to frame the bigger picture in the markets, and what some good tools are to do that. Then it’s really up to you to use the tools that make sense to you to start to build your own edge. 

How have these aspects helped you grow as a trader?

They have helped a ton with my prep, planning and trading as far as being a professional, as well as accountability. I was one of these traders that would typically show up in front of the market 30-60 mins before the open and not really have a game plan based on the bigger picture. I have a good market feel, but again, Convergent helped me put all the structure and framework around that. Now I have a pre-market daily prep sheet I go through each morning before the open. My risk levels are based on statistics and structure. Studying auction theory and learning about those concepts has really changed my trading for the better. Talking to other members and getting accountability partners has helped a ton and it was Convergent that pointed me in those directions. 

Do you have a favorite community quote or webinar?

For me personally there are 2 webinars that I go back and reference often. The first is the Mindset Tune-Up – What is it like to Make the Turn in Trading and then Master Trade Execution To Unlock your Edge. I really use them as a reference to just compare to how I’m doing and to remind myself and make sure I’m looking at things the right way. 

Do you have any advice for new members?

So many things. Aside from managing risk and trading very small early, assuming they are going to trade futures, I think I’d say to learn about auction theory. Learn why the market does what it does. Once you understand those concepts, you can then start to build your system with whatever tools, timeframes, patterns, etc… make sense to you. 

What is your favorite non-trading activity/hobby?

I’m big into healthy living and the fitness life, so I’m in the gym or running 5x a week. I also love to travel when I can. 

Have you participated in the #TradeRight program/challenges? What discoveries have you made?

Yes I did the Trade Right and then the 30-day challenge last November. I discovered that I wasn’t as prepared or really doing the work like I thought I was. The TRP really got me focused on doing the right things every day and also got me in touch with accountability partners and doing my daily accountability journal. 

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