Public Webinar – Preparation: The Most Important Element to Trading Success

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This session is a deep dive into the art & science of preparation, a key to success in day trading futures. In fact, we believe preparation is the most important factor in trading no matter the timeframe, instrument, or asset class. In this webinar we discuss:

  • Unpacking Trading Preparation: We’ll be diving into the full process of preparation. By the end of this webinar, you’ll know how a professional trader would approach their daily, weekly, and annual prep.
  • Overcoming Preparation Hurdles & Mistakes: We’ll address the common challenges traders face in establishing a consistent routine, and provide solutions.
  • Preparation’s Impact on Performance: We’ll look at real equity curves and share success stories from our community, illustrating the tangible benefits of a disciplined approach.
  • Incorporating Centering Techniques: Learn about the importance of non-technical aspects in your preparation, such as meditation and visualization, to maintain a balanced approach to trading.
  • Developing a Price Map: Understand the power of a well-crafted price map in informing your trading decisions, helping you to act on market-generated information, rather than reacting emotionally.

Join us to refine your trading plan, and harness the power of detailed preparation for success in 2024! 

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