Public Fireside Chat Webinar w/FT71 & CT Head Traders

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FuturesTrader71 and the CT Head Traders (LongShortorFlat, NanaimoTrader & Tendex) chat about their path to professional trading.

The traders discuss:

  • Each CT Head Trader’s background and journey
  • Their experience turning professional
  • How they evolve with the markets
  • What they see other traders do that they wish they can help with
  • Their opinion on the shortest path to trading success for others to follow

Who are the CT Head Traders?

FT71 began trading in 2000. He started professionally as a high-volume equities trader before transferring to futures in 2002 at the Chicago Board of Trade. Having honed his skills in proprietary trading environments from the beginning, he opened his own prop shop to back and develop other traders in 2003. Morad is a recognized pioneer in successful trader development and the use of Volume Profile.

Decades of fund management, macro advisory, RIA and CTA experience. Specialist in interest rate products. Actively trades 10-yr note futures and RTY.

Professional builder turned professional trader. Focuses mainly on RTY intraday.

Independent trader of 20 years. Focuses mainly on ES and CL trading as well as equity options.

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