Public Webinar – 3 Keys to Developing A Winning Day Trading Mindset w/ Jared Tendler & FuturesTrader71

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Cultivating a Mindset that supports, facilitates, and encourages winning is one of the most often overlooked elements of a trader’s edge. In this webinar, FuturesTrader71 will discuss a few ways to develop a winning trading mindset with Jared Tendler. Jared is a world-renowned Performance Psychology expert. Jared’s clients include institutional and individual traders, PGA Tour players, entrepreneurs, and world champion poker players.

During this webinar we cover:

  • Trading a process and probabilities
  • Mapping your emotions
  • Building emotional capital

Jared and FuturesTrader71 call upon their numerous years of experience in working with high-performing traders to deliver valuable insights that you won’t want to miss!

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