Public Webinar – Fireside Chat w/ Jared Tendler, Jeff Snider, Brian Shannon, & CT Traders

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Join us for our annual Holiday Fireside Chat! This year we’ve brought together an all-star line up to discuss everything from the Mental Game, Macro Picture, Futures Strategies w/ Chart Examples, Expectations for 2023, and the Trading Journey.

Joining us for the chat:

  • Jared Tendler: A world-renowned mental game coach with experience working with professional traders, poker players, athletes, and gamers. His book, The Mental Game of Trading is a must-own for any trader serious about improve his/her mental game. Jared’s diverse spectrum of clients helps him to really break down the drivers of elite performance at any competitive game.
  • Brian Shannon: Brian has been trading 30 years, he is a well-respected author and educates traders on swing trading on his website Brian popularized the use of anchored VWAP and is considered a modern pioneer in online trading space.
  • Jeff Snider: The head of Global Investment Research at Alhambra Investments. Alhambra currently manages over 230 million in assets for more than 200 clients. Jeff has joined us twice before to discuss inflation, and the repo markets. His discussions always contain so many nuggets, they need to be watched more than once.
  • Brian Bilotta: BrianB is a Market Maven at Convergent – delivering daily commentary on the RTY in our trading chatroom. Brian has come up through the ranks as an independent self-funded trader. He is a big proponent of the mental game and the emphasizes the importance of a trader knowing thyself.
  • John Pieranunzi: John471 is a Market Maven at Convergent – delivering daily commentary on the ES in our trading chatroom. He comes from a background in Prop Trading and has over a decade of experience in the markets.
  • Morad Askar: Also known as FuturesTrader71, has been trading since 2000. He started professionally as a high-volume equities trader before transferring to futures in 2002 at the Chicago Board of Trade. Morad is a recognized pioneer in successful trader development and the use of Volume Profile.


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