Public Webinar – Fireside Chat w/ Convergent Head Traders

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The Holiday Season Fireside Chat has become a tradition here at Convergent. In this public event, we’ve brought together our four CT Head Traders and a special guest, Jeff Snider for a conversation about some of the lesser talked-about areas of trading. We discuss trading journeys, the macro picture, cryptocurrencies, and expectations for 2022!

The panel consists of:

FuturesTrader71 – a recognized pioneer in successful trader development and the use of Volume Profile. He is the Head of Trader Training & Development at Convergent Trading. Tendex – has over 20 years of trading experience with a background in institutional trading specializes in index futures trading along with higher periodicity volatility arbitrage strategies
NanaimoTrader – professional builder turned professional trader. Focuses mainly on RTY intraday.
Longshortorflat – has decades of fund management, macro advisory, RIA, and CTA experience. Actively trades 10-yr note futures and RTY.
Jeff Snider – a Macro Expert, serves as the head of Global Investment Research at Alhambra Partners.

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