Public Webinar – How to Survive & Profit in High Volatility Markets w/ FuturesTrader71

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Volatility is a double-edged sword. On one side, the greater the volatility, also the greater the opportunity for traders. On the other side, volatility often results in traders deviating from their trading plan, trading from a more emotional state, and incurring loss streaks. It is critical that traders have a plan for the various market regimes and conditions. In this webinar, FuturesTrader71 will discuss the adjustments traders should make to compensate for times of higher volatility.

During this webinar we discuss:

  • How can we recognize when volatility has increased & when an adjustment is necessary
  • How do we compensate for volatility in our sizing, stops, and targets
  • How do we manage heightened emotions, overtrading, and FOMO during volatility?

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