The Power of R-Factor w/ CT-Jaguar

How Losing Battles Can Win the Trading War

Picture this. You’re a seasoned general preparing for a series of battles against a formidable foe. You know full well you won’t win them all – the enemy is too unpredictable. But, you have a secret weapon: strategy. You carefully calculate risks and rewards, making sure that your wins far outweigh your losses. Your ultimate goal? To emerge from the war not only alive but vastly victorious, despite losing numerous battles along the way.


Welcome to the trading world. Much like the seasoned general, traders face the unpredictable enemy of market volatility every day. However, they’re not helpless. Armed with an essential tool known as R-factor, traders can turn the tide of the war, even if they lose more battles (trades) than they win.

So, what’s this secret weapon all about?

The Power of R-Factor

The R-factor, in the simplest terms, is the ratio between the potential profit (reward) and the potential loss (risk) of a trade. For instance, if you risk $100 to potentially gain $300, your R-factor is 3:1, or just 3.

But, here’s the kicker: A trader doesn’t need to win more than half of their trades to make a profit. In fact, with a solid R-factor strategy, a trader could lose more trades than they win and still come out far ahead.

Let’s say a trader has an R-factor of 3 and makes ten trades. They win three and lose seven. For each win, they gain $300 (3 times the risk), totaling $900. For each loss, they lose $100, totaling $700. Even though they lost more trades than they won, they still made a profit of $200. That’s the power of the R-factor.

R-Factor’s Importance at Convergent Trading

At Convergent Trading, understanding and effectively utilizing the R-factor is a key part of the trading education we offer.

Our Trade Right Program, designed to help traders plan effectively and stay accountable, emphasizes the importance of the R-factor. We believe in not just teaching trading techniques, but in helping our members develop the mindset and discipline to implement them successfully. If you are looking for additional resources to learn more about R-factor, check out our YouTube video here!

In Summary

Trading, like going to war, isn’t about winning every single battle. It’s about having a strategy that ensures your victories are meaningful, and your losses are manageable. The R-factor, or Risk Reward Ratio, is a powerful tool in any trader’s arsenal that can help achieve this balance. Here’s a recap:

  • The R-factor is the ratio between the potential profit (reward) and the potential loss (risk) of a trade.
  • A trader can be profitable even with a win rate of less than 50% if they maintain a good R-factor.
  • Convergent emphasizes the importance of understanding and utilizing the R-factor through educational resources, mentoring sessions, and the Trade Right Program.

So, are you ready to start winning the war, even if you lose some battles along the way? Join us at Convergent Trading and equip yourself with the tools to succeed.


– Landau Lang (@CT-Jaguar, Content & Community Manager at Convergent Trading)

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