Trade Right Program 1 Year Anniversary

It is officially 1 year since the launch of the Trade Right Program, and our members have been yielding some magnificent results!

The Trade Right Program is all about ditching the bad habits and learning to Trade “Right” with the Convergent Trading Community. The course-structured program is separated into 4 modules.

  • The Power of Community
  • Foundational Trading Knowledge
  • Planning Your Trading Business
  • Trader Accountability

To help the trading community to get started with the Trade Right Initiative and to celebrate the 1 year anniversary, now through February 7th, 2022 we’re offering a special $50 discount on our quarterly plan! The offer is available to new and returning members, and applies to the first quarter only. All Convergent Trading members automatically have access to the Trade Right Initiative (Trade Right Program & 30-Day Challenge) as part of their membership!

To take advantage of the offer use the discount codeTradeRight50 at checkout.

See what members are saying about the Trade Right Program:

“I’ve continually participated in each month’s Challenges since starting them in February of this year. I can’t say enough good things about the Challenge. I hadn’t really appreciated just how important accountability was to improving until I started doing the Challenges. Being transparent with both the good and the bad has been so helpful, I can’t really do it justice in just a few words. While it’s hard to admit your mistakes and errors, it’s necessary to move forward since no problem can be dealt with until you admit you have one. The good thing is the CT Challenge community is a safe, professional environment that has been so supportive, no matter what the issue is. It has also been so good to see and interact with other traders that may be experiencing similar issues as I am, it is a great support system for us all. I have also found it motivating to see others’ improvement, which only acts as a catalyst to stay the course myself and keep coming back with the ultimate goal of becoming a consistently profitable trader.”   -Rick F. (@BlackGoldTradr)


“Trade Right exercises definitely prove that proper risk management and position sizing are critical to long-term profitability and avoid the risk of ruin.” Steven P. (@ProfitTree)


“I completed the #TradeRight program and challenges. I think the biggest discovery is getting the math on my side. It took me several attempts to understand this, but with the team asking me to revisit the topic by doing the coin flip toss, it helped me understand that I do have a good system, which has given me confidence. Before CT, I lacked consistency in allowing the math to play out for me. The reality is if you have the math on your side, you can be a profitable trader. You just need to keep reminding yourself, “the math is on my side,” and that comes with a good risk/reward system.” James C. (@James_Carlo)


I realized that it all comes down to consistently following your plan and doing what you say you will do, limiting your errors and focusing on the process. It sounds easier than it is, but it is doable.” Chris O. (@Chris1979)

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