Public Webinar – Inside the Mind of a Fund Manager w/ Kelly Farrell of Diamond Capital Management

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In this webinar, we have on Kelly Farrell of Diamond Capital Management. Diamond Capital Management is a fund specializing in S&P 500 Futures and Options products. Their systematic and proprietary rules-based investing program touts competitive returns relative to the S&P 500 Index with lower volatility and drawdowns, which is the fund’s goal. Kelly is a portfolio manager with over 30 years of investment experience and has an extensive background as a professional trader. Kelly is an “Other Time Frame” (OTF) participant and discusses with us her approach to markets.

During the webinar we discuss:

  • Kelly’s journey into becoming a fund manager
  • How the fund arrives at its edge
  • The multifaceted trading approach the fund executes
  • How a fund manager looks at risk

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