“Your Job is to Align with the Market” @Benatar

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What brought you into trading?

I have always been fascinated with the markets and my father was disabled but made a nice living swing trading. But ultimately, I found that having a relationship with the market was a mirror to how I am showing up in all aspects of my life, and to have great performance in trading, I need to be performing well in other areas of my life. (Diet, Medication, Exercise, Personal Alignment). That leads me to developing my plan to make trading my primary source of income, because if aligns with my lifestyle and desire to challenge myself to grow in all aspects of my life.

What do you like most about Convergent?

The data and resources, trade right program and most of all, the community. Trading can be a lonely business and we are built for connection. Convergent helps bridge that gap.

How have these aspects helped you grow as a trader?

The trade statistics gave me a basis for building my edge, as in the IB studies for example. I finally figured out that 90% of my mental issues were because I did not have a plan and process that incorporated an edge. If you build a professional and disciplined process around a statistical edge, you have a basis for continuous improvement.

Do you have a favorite community quote or webinar?

I think FT’s pinned Tweet on the Holy Grail of Trading is my favorite. His first quote there is “Your Job is to align with the market” – it took me a while to grasp that concept because I was always imposing my needs, my view of the world on the market. But like any good relationship, if you align with yourself, and get centered you can see the market for what it is and align yourself with it. It’s a matter of dropping your ego so you can flow with the collective energy of the participants.

Do you have any advice for new members?

My advice would be to develop your edge before you commit serious money to the market. Re-trade the historical market through your platform and journals every trade. Keep statistics on the IB, average excursions, win loss rates, retracements or any data relative to the type of trade you are doing. Do it at least 100 times. Only then can you have the confidence to commit money to the market in the same process. ALWAYS Journal, review your Journal and identify key improvements and observations. It is the way to get up the proficiency curve fast.

What is your favorite non-trading activity/hobby?

Exercise and Mediation to balance the intensity of being in the chair, but I recently revived my love and relationship with horses. I am in the process of selecting a few horses, taking advanced riding lessons, and shoveling s*** in a barn, because I love all of it!

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